“We are committed to reducing our
carbon footprint and helping our
customers achieve the same.”

– Paul Morgan, MD WarrensOffice –


At WarrensOffice, we believe that sustainability
means a lot more than obtaining a certificate or
rubber stamp citing our green credentials.

Once we understand our customer’s organisation in depth, we can help them reduce packaging and waste within their own supply chain (and ours).

One recent example of this – the introduction of ‘Notboxes’ for our regional customers as a means of eliminating unnecessary delivery packaging. The boxes are used to deliver the goods and in a similar fashion to home grocery deliveries, they are then collapsed and returned to the depot for reuse the following day. They are 99% recyclable and ideally suited to this use.

We offer a portable battery take-back service.  If you send your batteries back to us, they can be deposited for recycling using facilities in our warehouse.  We are only able to accept portable batteries, which means those that can be easily carried by hand.  Larger batteries, including automotive and industrial batteries, can be recycled across the UK and you can find more information on how to do this at  Please contact customer services for more details.

Company Vehicle Pledge

Currently Warrens’ local deliveries are carried
out using low emission, Mercedes Sprinters. We
are committed to switching over all company
vehicles to emission-free electric alternatives
powered by our self-generated solar power by
Q4 of 2022.


We regularly press our suppliers for updates on progress made in removing single use plastics from their products as well as their progress on packaging reduction initiatives within their supply chain.


We’ve reduced our own energy demands by installing solar panels on the roof at our Winchester site.
As well as providing most of our day-to-day
power, the solar panels also charge up industrial
batteries to store surplus energy – which we can
call upon when our energy demands exceed

Solar energy is free, clean, safe, and inexhaustible,
making it the ideal energy source – and it’s also
much cheaper.

Environmental BENEFITS

CO2 Emissions Saved:

Equivalent Trees Planted:

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